How it works?

Our Solution

XENTAVO’s blockchain-based solutions provide Small State governments with new options to improve efficiency and public service delivery while increasing public sector trust. Our tech stands to benefit almost any civil services.


Blockchain-Powered Governments

Our solutions use blockchain technologies to bring a new dimension to government operations across the board. Efficiency and transparency are the ethos behind every XENTAVO platform module.

Modules can be implemented individually to create bespoke client platforms.

Modules XENTAVO Platform

  • Finance with Fiat Functionality
  • Procurement including Bidding
  • Voting
  • Grants and Benefits
  • Land Registry and Titles
  • Visa Applications/Identity Systems
  • Certificates and Licenses (Business, Birth/Death, Building Permits etc.)
  • Records (Health and Safety, Court, Vehicle etc.)

XENTAVO’s Finance module is built for Central Bank control. Each nation system will feature a bespoke cryptocurrency (not traded on public exchanges) created around practical, secure features. Click here to learn more
• Full AML/KYC compatibility
• Deposit (Wallet)
• Withdrawal
• Transfer and Exchange
• Taxes and Reports

XENTAVO’s Voting module ensures democratic integrity during votes. Blockchain tech plays a key role in preventing voting fraud, minimizing the possibility of corruption and potential for human error.
• Transparent: Simple, verifiable, auditable
• Accessible: Only eligible voters allowed to vote
• Discreet: Voter choice remains private at all times
• Integrity: Data security must be guaranteed at all times

Records like health and safety, court, vehicle, identity (passports, visas, …) and Certificates like birth / death, building permits, business licenses are areas where fraud and identity theft are major problems. Paper certificates also make forgery detection difficult. XENTAVO’s Certificates and Licenses module ensures full trust between consenting and receiving parties with full regulatory compliance. Common uses are:
• Digitized notarizations
• Data ownership
• Document timestamping
• Document integrity

XENTAVO’s Land Registry platform serves as a tamper-proof digital system of record for land titles. The solution includes features like: who currently owns the land, when was it purchased and previous transactions in relation to that property. Implementing the XENTAVO platform will as a result minimize the risk of corruption / bribes, eliminate multiple entries and reduce significantly insurance and transaction costs.
• Eliminating need for physical archives
• Increased resilience of transactional data
• Reliable ownership records
• Secure and transparent for all users
• Ending risk of duplicate sales and property theft
• Boosting lender confidence
• Lowering risk and interest rates

Public procurement refers to the purchase by governments and state-owned enterprises of goods, services and works. A well governed public procurement plays a major role in fostering public sector efficiency and establishing citizens’ trust. The XENTAVO platform is a key factor to achieve these objectives:

Transparency in each phase of the public procurement cycle. Allowing free access through the platform to public procurement information and ensuring visibility of the flow of public funds, from the beginning of the budgeting process throughout the public procurement cycle:
• Proven identity of bidders and the bidding entity
• Information transparency
• Process automation with the use of smart contracs
• Bid analysis based on defined criteria
• Auditing, review, and communication

Compliance and integrity. The platform guarantees that contracts are properly executed:
• Correct authorizations / signature
• Logs of progress/milestones
• Public sector integrity tools
• Automated payments when certain conditions are met
• Internal controls, compliance measures and anti-corruption programmes for suppliers, including appropriate monitoring


About us

The idea behind XENTAVO emerged in 2015, and we founded the company in 2017. We’ve come a long way in a short time since then, designing a unique blockchain-powered platform offering civil service innovation to Small Countries around the world.

Our team is supported by advisors comprised of the crypto industry’s best, brightest and most passionate. We have decades of collective experience in building and implementing digital projects on a governmental level. We share a vision to make blockchain applications accessible and beneficial to Small Country governments.

Our Ethos

“We’ve created a digital platform for Small States to end conditional aid and boost independent growth. A continuation of the internet revolution. With blockchain tech, these inspiring communities can exercise the same financial and social resilience as the world’s largest countries.” - Robert Koenig, XENTAVO CEO

XENTAVO’s sovereign distributed-ledger-technology (DLT) platform is designed to support the chosen civil services of any Small State. Nations can tailor our modular infrastructure to their needs and easily expand their platform as they see fit. Small States have access to 24/7 XENTAVO support but retain total platform control.
Who We Help

There are currently 50 Small States recognized by the World Bank.
XENTAVO extends services to each and every one.

Working Together

Cryptocurrencies are still a very new concept for many Small States.

The implementation of a XENTAVO digital infrastructure will be supported by our close work together with local authorities, professionals, lawyers, tax authorities, accountants, and universities to optimize national integration and inclusive crypto promotion.

Our Framework Explained

Three essential layers support XENTAVO’s digital framework.


Blockchain tech offers revolutionary durability, reliability and longevity across countless sectors. Blockchains provide limitless transaction scaling and 100% transparent audit trails, ending concerns of corruption and data tampering. Real-time operation also ensures provenance of meta-data.

Our platform layers are software modules built atop the XENTAVO blockchain. Modules are integrated depending on system purpose – for example, the beneficiaries of our Land Registry Module may differ to those of our Identity Systems Module. We will continuously develop new modules to meet future issues.

Users authorized to use XENTAVO are defined by local regulations, as well as international if required.

XENTAVO Consulting

Governments of small countries cannot ignore cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology anymore. On one hand they open up new possibilities and solutions for the public sector and on the other hand their global expansion will have an impact on the economy. Blockchain technology has many advantages and brings many opportunities. Read: Blockchain Technologies for Small Countries.

Given blockchain technology’s broad applicability and transformative potential, governments will find it worthwhile to explore with the help of XENTAVO the range of available options. A blockchain-based approach could increase the efficiency of transaction processing and reduce, if not entirely prevent, fraud. However, to unlock the full potential of this technology, the government will also need to work as a facilitator, by providing an enabling environment. There will also be a need to develop uniform standards, assess infrastructure requirements, address security concerns, and build trust within the ecosystem as a whole.

Xentavo provides clients with advice and expertise required to design, implement, maintain and enhance a balanced and effective blockchain program.

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