Small Countries will not pay for the platform and its service. The platform is paid through the fees that are incurred within the platform (the XEN Token will be used to pay for these fees).

Small Countries are beautiful
Overview XENTAVO will release 385,000,000 XEN Tokens for public sale through exchanges.

Release is subject to several conditions:
• No XEN Token creation, minting, or mining will occur after the generation of the token
• XEN Tokens will be transferable through exchanges

Distribution The total XEN Token supply that will ever be created is 700,000,000.

All XEN Tokens were generated the 1st of July 2018 and will be distributed according to the chart to the right. The information provided on token creation, processes, allocation, and use of sale proceeds reflects the current plan but is subject to change.

XEN Tokens allocated to investors and advisors will be vested for 6 months.

Fund Allocation XENTAVO plans to use funds raised during the token sale in accordance with our outlined roadmap schedule.



These projections are forward-looking; subject to significant business, economic, regulatory, and competitive uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond the control of XENTAVO and its management; and based upon assumptions with respect to future decisions, which are subject to change. Actual results will vary, and those variations may be material. Nothing in this whitepaper should be regarded as a representation by any person that these objectives will be achieved, and XENTAVO undertakes no duty to update its objectives as circumstances change.

Despite the XENTAVO team's best efforts and diligence to bring this project forward, all contributors should be aware that their contributions are not refundable and should accept the inherent risk of project failure at any stage of development. This implicit risk is associated with any and all uncertainty of backing cutting-edge technologically-focused entrepreneurial projects and can be affected by either internal or external factors that are out of the control scope of the team. Additionally, contributions may be subject to any applicable compliance regulations (including KYC, AML, and others, where applicable).

The XEN Token can be used in the XEN platform with a corresponding utility value inside such ecosystem and will not provide any redemption rights.

Airdrop AML/KYC

For the airdrop XENTAVO will be AML/KYC compliant. To ensure data protection and transparency, we will be using a professional third party to verify private information with the identity verification outsourced to a law office.