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650: Crypto Podcasts and YouTubers
The cryptocurrency industry is still very new, and listening to podcasts or watching YouTube videos can be dangerous if they're not from a trusted source. There are many maximalists that promote their coin or token and dismiss all the others. There are even crypto scams ("send us 1 ETH and we will send you 2 ETH back"). There are empty ICOs, and YouTubers that try to sell you something. Everybody has a strong opinion as to where the price of a Token/Coin will go. So, who can you trust? In this week's Crypto Corner, Robert Koenig presents a list of podcasts and YouTube Channels we subscribe to. Let us know who you are following in the comments below.
649: Bitcoin Halving and China's DCEP Digital Currency
What on earth is Bitcoin halving? Our Crypto Correspondent, Robert Koenig will help us understand what it is, when it might take place, and what will happen to Bitcoin security after the event. Robert also speaks about China's digital currency (DCEP) and the implications it has for the economy... not just for people living in China, but for the whole world.
648: Bitcoin Halving and Cardano Shelley
This week, Robert Koenig provides additional resources to become a first class blockchain developer, and shares the latest on the crypo industry, including news about IOTA smart contracts, the Bitcoin halving, Cardano Shelley and new developments in the DeFi sector.
647: Seeking Employment in Blockchain
We live in uncertain times, and for many this may be an opportunity to learn new skills in pursuit of a new career. The blockchain is where it's at for hot job opportunities, and big companies are actively seeking programmers to fill these positions. Robert Koenig shares tips on how to ready yourself, and how to find work in blockchain technology.