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WARNING. A world currency that is backed by central banks is on the horizon!!
It looks like we will sooner rather than later see central bank digital currencies (CBDC). China is already testing their solution and others are following soon. Last week the IMF started talking about their idea to a new Bretton Woods system and this week important heads of central banks are meeting to discuss the importance of CBDCs. This week Robert Koenig highlights the risks and benefits that such a change will bring across the world. It is all about programmable money and not digital money. Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies will be your only protection.
Crypto Banks are on the rise and NFTs will be the next big thing in crypto
The Bank of England started to warn that there might be negative rates next year which for many economists is an alarming sign. At the same time crypto banks are getting stronger and stronger to an extent that they will "swallow" traditional banks in less than 3 years. This week Robert Koenig starts giving some examples in regards to non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) stating that this will be the next industry that will see significant growth.
DANGER: You need to know this when you yield farm using Metamask?
Robert Koenig explains risk when using Metamask and how to avoid it. He'll show us where he is gathering information from in regards to DeFi and yield farming. Robert also presents a visualization of the distribution of BTC coins.
How safe is Bitcoin?
In this Crypto Corner Robert Koenig explains how safe the Bitcoin blockchain is, and why it is worth spending all that electricity to secure the network. He delivers an answer to the question: “If you need to transfer all your personal wealth to another country. Which way are you going to choose?”.
Free money with crypto. Is that true?
Robert Koenig cracks down on how to receive free money by simply participating in the cryptocurrency industry, as last week Uniswap distributed 400 UNI tokens to everybody that used their exchange, regardless of the size of the transaction. In addition they distributed UNI tokens to everybody that provided liquidity on their exchange. That is free money for just supporting a project. Robert also explains how etherscan works and what information you can gain from that website.
Yield Farming / DeFi: Impermanent Loss explained
There are two mayor risks when yield farming. One of them is with the smart contract and the other one is impermanent loss. This week we are explaining Impermanent Loss in detail.
Crypto Finance is a scam?!
This week we are explaining why DeFi is not a scam and why it is the future of the financial market. Robert Koenig explains and gives examples on how to achieve a high APR and compares it to equivalent opportunities in the traditional world.
The DeFi market is on fire and how to take profit
This week we are taking a look at the crypto market, speak about the development in the Defi market, speak about Ethereum transaction fees (gas), and spend some time in explaining how to take profits when investing in cryptocurrencies.
Researching cryptos for beginners
In the last 7 days, 23 Coins/Tokens had a price increase of over 15%, 2 over 100%. Robert Koenig shows a simple guideline on how absolute beginners can research cryptocurrencies.
Buying cryptos for beginners
In the last 7 days, 45 Coins/Tokens had a price increase of over 15%. Robert Koenig shows how risky investing in cryptocurrencies can be and he shows a simple guideline on how absolute beginners can participate in the crypto market.
660: 5 minute introduction to successful crypto research
In the last 7 days, 56 Coins/Tokens had a price increase of over 15%. Robert Koenig shares some solid tips to find the best way to research cryptocurrency projects, and how to make the right decision when investing in cryptos.
The best way to lose money in Crypto
Description: This year so far 52 Coins/Tokens had a price increase of over 250% .That is why this week Robert Koenig talks about the biggest mistakes he made in the past and shows how he lost money:
1) Pump and Dump (i.e. Dogecoin)
2) Scams (i.e. Giveaways, Plus Token)
3) Experts
4) Trading
5) Loans
659: YouTube scams, DeFi Tokens RoI and under-collateralized loans in DeFi
This week we are taking a look at the crypto market, speak about the return on investment of DeFi tokens compared to ETH, report of scams that are happening on YouTube and the risks related to pump-and-dumps, mention that Aave is the first one to offer under-collateralized loans, report on the Tether New York Court case and present three exhibitions that will happen coming week.
658: Was the Cardano Summit a success?
This week, Crypto Correspondent, Robert Koenig takes a look at the crypto market. We'll check in with the 2020 Crypto Summit and the key takeaways: Cardano will become fully decentralized; the PRISM decentralized identity system; the network's native tokens are to be launched in the next 120 days with smart contracts launched in 150 days; investing ~$30 million in the Cardano ecosystem; Cardano's governance layer Voltaire to ensure complete decentralization; and looking at verified supply chain management.
657: Report: The Valuation Approach to Crypto Assets and Earning Money Through Learning
Let's take a look at the crypto and crypto-finance (DeFi) market. Somebody was able to hack $500k from the Balancer Pool and surprisingly, Gold is less secure than BitCoin. Crypto Correspondent, Robert Koenig shares a new report that analyzes different crypto assets in detail, and we'll explore how we can potentially earn some money by learning about cryptocurrency.
656: The DeFi Market is on fire and we explain why
This week we are taking a look at the crypto and crypto-finance (DeFi) market. Crypto Correspondent, Robert Koenig explains why he believes the DeFi market is blowing up, and why the COMP token gained over 300% in just one week. He'll also show why it may just be the right time to get involved in this market.
655: Blockchain Developer Report, Banks and Cryptocurrency and Fidelity Digital Assets Report
This week we are taking a look at the crypto and crypto-finance (DeFi) market, a report issued by Outlier Ventures analyzing the development of the top cryptocurrency projects, and JPMorgan's surprising Bitcoin flip. Crypto Correspondent, Robert Koenig speaks on a crypto investment report issued by Fidelity Digital Assets, and how the Bank of Korea is interested in a central bank digital currency. Finally, we'll look at The Human Rights Foundation's new fund to help developers make Bitcoin more private.
654: Bitcoin Core 0.20, Create your own token, Ethereum 2.0, PWC Hedge Fund Report and DeFi
This week we are taking a look at the crypto market, and learning about a new Bitcoin Core version as well as a project where you can create your own token. Crypto Correspondent Robert Koenig will also share his views on the Hedge Fund Report created by PWC and speak about the rapid growth of the DeFi market.
653: Ethereum 2.0 and the State of Bitcoin After the Halving
This week our Crypto Correspondent, Robert Koenig, takes us through the current state of the crypto market, what's happening with the Bitcoin blockchain following the halving, and touching on the developments of Ethereum 2.0--a Partnership between Gemini and Samsung. Plus, a new hardware wallet that doesn't require an Internet connection at all, and the huge BTC purchases Grayscale Investments is making.
650: Crypto Podcasts and YouTubers
The cryptocurrency industry is still very new, and listening to podcasts or watching YouTube videos can be dangerous if they're not from a trusted source. There are many maximalists that promote their coin or token and dismiss all the others. There are even crypto scams ("send us 1 ETH and we will send you 2 ETH back"). There are empty ICOs, and YouTubers that try to sell you something. Everybody has a strong opinion as to where the price of a Token/Coin will go. So, who can you trust? In this week's Crypto Corner, Robert Koenig presents a list of podcasts and YouTube Channels we subscribe to. Let us know who you are following in the comments below.
649: Bitcoin Halving and China's DCEP Digital Currency
What on earth is Bitcoin halving? Our Crypto Correspondent, Robert Koenig will help us understand what it is, when it might take place, and what will happen to Bitcoin security after the event. Robert also speaks about China's digital currency (DCEP) and the implications it has for the economy... not just for people living in China, but for the whole world.
648: Bitcoin Halving and Cardano Shelley
This week, Robert Koenig provides additional resources to become a first class blockchain developer, and shares the latest on the crypo industry, including news about IOTA smart contracts, the Bitcoin halving, Cardano Shelley and new developments in the DeFi sector.
647: Seeking Employment in Blockchain
We live in uncertain times, and for many this may be an opportunity to learn new skills in pursuit of a new career. The blockchain is where it's at for hot job opportunities, and big companies are actively seeking programmers to fill these positions. Robert Koenig shares tips on how to ready yourself, and how to find work in blockchain technology.